bites of life: august

August was nothing short of incredible, between being in Scotland for nearly two weeks and coming back to gigs in LA, it was the best mix of “work hard//play hard”. And while I’m already wanting to head back to Scotland, I’ve just hit the 3 year mark with LA- safe to say I love it here too! Enjoy your Labor Day Weekend all!!

fresh vanilla and nutella gelato

SWEET: janetta’s gelateria, st. andrews

If you are ever in St. Andrews, do yourself a favor- even if it’s cold and the line is long- and get yourself a double scoop of Janetta’s gelato. Normally I’m not a vanilla person, but it had been made 30 minutes earlier, so I couldn’t resist the combination with nutella and a flake bar. Napkins necessary.

oysters with a view
the full menu

savory: the oyster shed, isle of skye

Tucked away above the Talisker Distillery (prime real-estate, am I right?) lives the holy grail of oysters. Only open from 12-5 Monday through Friday, we were able to stop in to the “shed” for a couple of oysters. They were some of the freshest and clean babies I’d ever tasted. Better yet, Paul, the oyster farmer, shucks them fresh.

there’s nothing like a whisky and chocolate pairing
a cheeky half pint

drink: *TIE* Dalwhinnie whisky tasting and the jigger inn ale

Driving from St. Andrews to the Inverness area, we stopped at the Dalwhinnie Distillery, where they are known for their whisky and chocolate tastings. My favorite was the 25 year, and snagged a bottle to bring back stateside. Also, The Jigger Inn Ale (the pub located across from the famed St. Andrews golf course) was a necessary order. Definitely try it if you find yourself there- it has a lot of flavor despite being a lighter beer!

cacio e pepe
my pretty date, Maddie
one gin, one tequila cocktail

Restaurant: kettle black, silver lake

Before heading off to Scotland, I stopped by the newly opened Silver Lake spot. It was popping! And pretty-“hello interior goals”. Pizza was on point, same with the pasta and cocktails. Happy hour (5-7) is daily too …always a huge plus!

our majestic ride

how charming is our guide?!
how charming is our guide?! and how about that smoking gun??
hit the first two rounds!
hit the first two rounds!

entertainment: clay pigeon shooting, loch lomond

Move over Annie Oakley, you’ve got yourself a new sharp shooter in town! I loved riflery at camp, so when clay pigeon shooting was on the docket I was thrilled. It was a rainy day, hence the yellow jackets, and it was all too fitting with the woodsy range. *No actual birds were harmed* just little hard clay disks. Looking for a similar range in the LA area…if anyone knows of one, let me know in the comments!

why scotland?

Isle of Skye
Isle of Skye

It is currently 5:45am in LA and I’ve been up for about an hour. Hello jet-lag! If you follow me on Instagram, I recently wrapped up a 10 day trip all around Scotland.

What exactly was this trip about? I’m glad you asked!

Let’s set the scene: It was around 9am July 5th when I received an email that made me “blink twice”. Not going to lie, my eyes were a liiittle fuzzy (thank you one too many celebrating America’s birthday) but Istoria clothing designer, Rachael Forester, had written asking me to model her freshman collection in Scotland.

  1. I am not a model by today’s standards, but sweeeet
  2. A TRIP TO SCOTLAND- sign me up!
  3. Wait a second…is this too good to be true? There must be some catch…
  4. *checks out Rachael’s social media/blog* no catch, this seem very legit
  5. *check out photographer’s Instagram* ohhh I recognize this page
  6. *Calls Rachael to confirm I am not being cat-fished* she is the real deal

But how did they find me?? As fate would have it, around June 20th, I left this comment on Sophie Kuller, the photographer’s, post (her last name is pronounced “cooler” btw)IMG_0030

That comment “so special #docklife” made Sophie look at my profile which spiraled into her showing Rachael my profile when their initial model backed out. Crazy coincidence and lucky- but I also realized that had I not been blogging, making silly wine videos, or just being me I wouldn’t have gotten the offer. They saw an authentic person behind the glass of their iPhone screens.

And that my friends is how I booked the job!

Oh right, back to what the actual job was, modeling. Now I’ll expand more on that later when I can release all of the pictures, but in short, I had little experience. Sure, I have had my headshot taken but I hadn’t modeled clothes since my short-lived career as a Carson-Pirie-Scott-Sunday-Coupon regular. The images below are gems, I know.

you know you owned pants like those at one point 😉
Circa 2001
Second from the left, circa 2001

Despite being green, I didn’t think twice. Here was a fantastic opportunity and I couldn’t say turn it down. So I started flipping through fashion magazines, Pinterest and Instagram to see how the model’s were posing these days. And a little over a month later, I hopped on a plane for Scotland.

a little light help from the bounce board
a little light help from the bounce board
princess vibes in this caped jumpsuit
princess vibes in this caped jumpsuit

Can’t wait to share more images. Have a glass of wine or whisky tonight, after all it’s Wednesday! Cheers!! #scottishfrecklegirl

whisk(e)y wednesday

I AM GOING TO SCOTLAND IN TWO WEEKS! Apologizes for the “internet shouting that is all-caps” but I could not be more thrilled. Not only will I traveling all over the country, but it’s for a job I booked: #workhardplayhard(er)

During my trip I will be posting, so stay tuned for travel posts filled with loads of green pictures and tartan. And, you can easily follow along daily on instagram using the hashtag #scottishfrecklegirl

Back to the booze! In honor of Scotch aka “Scotch Whisky” I thought it important to share some whisky facts.  It’s definitely an acquired taste, but like wine, depending on the barreling and grains used, whisky has a variety of flavors and aromas making it a diverse and fun spirit. Plus it warms ya up real quick.


What is Whisky? Simply, it’s a spirit made from distilled grain.

Why the variety in taste?  Distillation method, grain(s) used, additives to the grain mash and choice of aging barrel/cask and aging are all factors that produce its unique flavor.

Whisky or Whiskey? The Scots spell it “whisky” and the Irish spell it “whiskey”. Seeing as the Irish brought it over to America first, most American labels have the “e”. But both are correct!

Is Bourbon Whisky? Yes! All bourbon is whisky, but not all whisky is bourbon. To be a true bourbon, it must be made in Bourbon County, KT. It’s that whole “a square is a rectangle but a rectangle is not a square” idea.

Why is Scotch Whisky so “peaty”? Scotch gets a reputation of being an intense smoky-peaty-bearded-man-in-a-glass drink. A popular Scotch, Laphroig, may be to blame for its very peaty quality. That being said, the different regions of the country produce different flavors. Now, I don’t want to get into a “terroir” discussion (I’ll save that for another Wine Wednesday post) but in general, Highland Scotches are more “heather and honey OR full bodied”, Lowland Scotches are more “light bodied”, Speyside Scotches are more “complex with sweet aromas” and Islay Scotches are the “smokiest” sort.

Any must-dos/drink/sees while I’m abroad? Let me know!!

P.S. my favorite Scotch is Dalwhinne