april showers bring…


And what better flower to talk about than ROSÉ?!

Sooooo check back every Wednesday throughout the month of May for a different video and post regarding rosé. Props if you drink a glass while watching…

Speaking of blossoms, today is the official launch of my new blog layout!

**pours an extra big, chilled glass of rosé**

Now I am by no means a tech person, so this redesign has been a labor of love + procrastination + watching YouTube videos + getting crafty. But it’s safe to say I am happy with the new layout! I also switched my main domain to irishfrecklegirl.com in lieu of actresswithanappetite.com. Although the latter still works (and I’ll keep it until the end of time) I wanted the blog feel more me. And the truth is, people know me as “irishfrecklegirl”, so why confuse the world with two identities? My aim is to fuse both: keep the food + wine content, while also incorporating more travel, art and writing.

Here’s to the process of change: without the rain, there are no flowers (or wine for that matter).



wine wednesday: bloopers


Blogging from Midwest today! Happy to be back in the Windy City with family and friends. If you happen to be last minute wine shopping today (hi, typical me) here are some top notch picks to bring to all the parties this weekend…the magnum of bubbles will certainly be the star!

thanksgiving wine picks

Segura Vidas Brut Reserve Cava  Bubbles are always a good move, especially if you bring enough to share amongst the larger groups of holiday meals. Plus this bottle looks like it’s straight out of Game of Thrones and available at Costco!

2015 Occhipinti SP68 1.5 L Again, another magnum. Great call for larger groups. This Italian, Nero D’Avola is a crowd pleaser and smooth AF.

2014 Azelia Dolcett0 D’Alba Medium-bodied Italian with notes of leather, stewed cherries. It has a floral nose that won’t overpower the turkey and gravy. Plus at $15 per bottle you can stock on a few!

2015 Idlewild “The Bee” This Sonoma (what’s up domestic picks!) white blend is prodominately Italian white varietals. It’s balanced with notes of tropical fruits. Good to kick off the thanksgiving feast.

Thankful for all you reading up on wine with me! It’s been a fun journey and can’t wait to continue. CHEERS!

wine wednesday: provence, france

It’s no secret that I have a love for rosé. What can I say? When the weather is sunny and 70 degrees ninety-percent of the time in LA there’s not an easier choice.

But there IS an even better choice when it comes to rosé selection, and that would be from: PROVENCE, FRANCE.

Nearly all the wine that comes out of that region is ROSÉ, so it is there specialty if you will.

Located on the Mediterranean coast, the climate is easy, breezy and beautiful…and yes it’ll make you feel like a covergirl. It’s got hills (grapes loooove to grow on hills) breeze, loads of herbs like lavender, thyme and rosemary-plus the glorious Med sun. These factors all lend a hand to create wines uniquely provencal.

c/o wine folly
c/o wine folly

As you can see, there are a lot of smaller regions within Provence. Individually they are known as an AOC.

What is an AOC you ask?? Besides being a great restaurant in LA, it stands for “Appellation de’Origin Contrôlée”. These are a set of rules and regulation wine makers/growers have to follow and its specific per region in France. Examples are: what kinds of grapes growers can grow, the blending percentages, how many grapes can be harvested per season etc.

buying tips

For stellar Rosé look for these regions:

  1. Côtes du Provence $$
  2. Coteaux d’Aix-en-Provence $$ (Brad and Angie’s Miraval is from here RIP)
  3. Bandol $$$

cÔte de provence rosé pick:

2014 Château d’Astros Côtes de Provence approximately $15. It’s clean, crisp and dry with notes of strawberry, raspberry. Well rounded and drinks like a more expensive bottle, score!

Any favorite Provence wines?? Share away!

-video and photography help from Sophie Kuller

wine wednesday: labor day picks


With the long weekend ahead, it’s only fair to assume some drinking will take place. And if you’re headed to the beach, be sure to take your vino in one of these babies! The 750ml fits an entire bottle of wine minus the glass bottle.

slightly Bubbly white

2015 Espiral Vinho Verde- like less bubbly Lemon LaCroix plus the alcohol

French rosé

2014 J.L Quinson Côtes de Provence- all day

italian rosé

2014 Il Rose di Cassanova, Tuscany IT- dry crisp and different

crisp, refreshing white

2014 Antiche Terre Venete Soave, Verona IT-summer sipper

wine water bottle

Because glass at the beach is a no-go- more picks below!

Enjoy your weekend, and let me know your favorite summer/party picks!

wine wednesday: summer water

Summer is in full swing: the temperatures are high, tans are deeper, and everyone’s wine glass is full of rosé. Ok, so maybe not everyone, but there’s nothing like unwinding with a chilled glass of “summer water”. For the men out there who haven’t tried a glass, do yourself a favor and order one next time you’re brunching or at the bar. I promise ladies will notice in a good way (it’s classy and delicious).

FYI: rosé is made one of three ways!

  1. Maceration: the most common method where the red grape skins are left to ferment with the juice for a short period of time, only 2-20 hours. The skins are then removed and fermentation continues sans-skin to keep a light pink color.
  2. “Saignée” (san-yay): In French, saignée means “to bleed”. This method is less common, but a portion of a red-wine “bled off” early on in the process. This small reserve then continues its fermentation separately from the bigger batch of red wine. No red skin contact makes for its pink color.
  3. Blending: The least common method, this involves adding a touch of red wine to a white wine to create a pink hue. This is more common for the making of rosé champagnes.

For the seasoned rosé drinker, Whispering Angel is a staple that never fails. Now, there are plenty of wonderful other bottles to try that will satisfy the same want: refreshing, crisp, lean, a hint of red fruit. Check out my selections below and enjoy a new bottle this week!

Drink cool, stay classy.

  1. Pigmentum Malbec Rosé @ $9.00 (SW France)
  2. Los Dos Rosé @ $9.00 (NE Spain)
  3. Château les Crostes Rosé @ 20.00 (Cotes de Provence, France)
  4. Love Drunk Rosé @$19.00 (Oregon, USA)
  5. Hogwash Rosé @ $17.00 (N.California, USA)

What’s your favorite rosé? Always wanting to try a new bottle. Cheers!