food for thought: a day to recharge


I rarely take breaks. The old adage “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” is rings verrrry near and dear to my heart. However, Tuesday night I was wiped. Like nothing sounded more appealing than sleeping all of Wednesday. My body was like:

Nat, you’ve been go go go since before Thanksgiving and you need a break. I’m tired. No, really, I’M LE TIRED.

Okkk okkk, I’ll sleep in and relax…

And let me tell you, it was hard to do! Around 10am I was responding to a text thread and my friend text yelled at me:

Why aren’t you actually sleeping in?


Fine. Yes. I just needed ‘to be’ knowing that my body and mind needed rest. My mind was naturally harder to turn quiet, I am VERY good at forming to-do lists. But I gave myself permission (with the help of friend’s permission) to let the ‘to-dos’ wait. That way I could attack the list from a charged state. No a semi-charged (charmed 😉 ) one.

Taking those few more hours to stay in bed was fantastic. I didn’t sleep the entire time, but read and didn’t give a flying duck about doing work. And you know what? The world still turned, I still got an audition for the following day, and allowed the uneasiness of not doing anything slowly melt away.

Moving forward, I am going to give myself ONE FULL DAY to recharge. Just sleep, read, go to bed at an earlier than normal hour, check my phone less, and do something crafty. Whether that’s doodling, making a vision board, coloring, knitting, playing with play dough- it helped get me out of my diligent left brain and enjoy the moment a whole lot more.

Now, I give YOU permission. Take a full day off. And if you can’t give yourself a full day, try a few more hours in bed or read the book on your nightstand, or whatever. But forget about things *in a healthy way* for a few hours so you come back to those tasks ready to GO. Promise you’ll be in more of a flow.

Have a fantastic weekend.



road tripping into the new year

How is January more than half way over???

As the brilliant Steve Miller Band put it, “time keeps on slippin’ slippin’ slippin’ slippin’ into the future” (also what’s up Space Jam!! I need to revisit that movie soon)

I digress…

This year has been off to a wonderful start filled with lots of NEW: friends, places traveled, surprises, food consumed, agents, age. I absolutely loved ringing in the year in a new location. We drove from Santa Fe to our adorable A-Frame in Flagstaff, AZ. Albeit we were a weeee bit hungover, (thanks to too many tequila shots at high elevation) there was something very grounding and humbling about gazing out at the Wild West, appreciating every moment because, damn! So. Much. Natural. Beauty. Andddd we saw a DOUBLE rainbow on January 1st. If that’s not a beacon of good luck I don’t know what is!

On to the fun stuff, pictures! Mostly taken by Sophie who I met through the craziest of circumstances last year. You can read HERE if you don’t know the story. Without getting too “woo-woo” one of the major lessons I learned in 2016 is to always share your love/true thoughts with another–you never know what lovely gift(s) you’ll receive in return.

one must always take a silly photo amongst the serious…they usually turn out better


  1. Jamming playlist
  2. H20 (LaCroix encouraged)
  3. Polaroid camera
  4. Room for random stops (isn’t that what these are all about?!)
  5. Comfy clothes
  6. IN-N-OUT (fact 2/3 road trips we ALL wanted burgers but were never hungry enough to stop, leaving me on trip 3/3 solo eating an animal style double double and loving every minute)

ROAD TRIP #1: Santa Fe to Los Angeles

new mexico

STOPS: Tent Rocks, Aspen Vistas, 10,000 Waves, La Choza, El Farol

Dustin, Christine, Me and Sophie weaving through Tent Rocks
capturing C and S
making faces is always encouraged
views are worth the climb!
New Year’s Eve hike in the Aspens


STOPS: Flagtaff (A-Frame House), White Dove, Coffee Grand Canyon

pulled over New Year’s Day to capture this moment
little Cabin in the woods-perfect for cards games, wine and grilled cheese
pit stop at white dove coffee (great breakfast burritos) before heading to the Grand Canyon
and MAN was it GRAND. none of us had seen the GC before, so it was pretty magical to have the “ahhhhh” moment together
a snow covered gorgeous view of the South Rim
Echo (Sophie and Dustin’s pup) was a KEY player along the trip, although clearly unamused by the photo session
Soph doing what she does best, check out her insta @sophkuller
these ladies, both new friends and not wanting to let go


STOPS: LAS VEGAS…what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas…but be sure to check out the Chandelier Room at the Cosmopolitan Hotel (there’s also a newly opened EggSlut and Momofuku Milk Bar so I was in HEAVEN!)

Tune in Monday for road trips 2 and 3!