bites of life: september

And just like that, we’re more than a week into October. Before it’s too far gone, here were some of my September highlights:

sweet: cake at proof bakery


This cake, known as “Gateau de Savoie” or commonly “the sponge cake with the whipped cream and blackberries” is heaven sent. Yes-yes, I do have a big sweet tooth so I do deem a lot of sweets amazing, BUT this takes the cake. Literally. It’s so damn light I felt like I was floating after I finished. Ok, maybe that was the combined caffeine and sugar buzz-but, if a slice is available snatch it immediately. Thank me later. @ProofBakeryLA

savory: Sen Chan Pen Pu, aka #18 at sapp coffee shop


Upon recommendation from my noodle-expert friend, Emily (@FoodLoversDiary) I made my way to Sapp Coffee Shop to try their famous noodles. She suggested the “Sen Chan Pen Pu” stir-fried noodles and I went to TOWN. The dish is so simple but flavorful AF: rice noodles, garlic, chili, egg and crab meat. Squeeze a little lime, request extra cilantro and all of your needs can go “bye-bye”.

drink: topo chico


Behold the next big thing in sparkling water, Topo Chico. And by next big thing I mean, this stuff is gaining popularity nearly as fast as LaCroix. AND it’s been around longer, since 1895 #hechoenmexico. I had my first while working a restaurant pop-up. The chef “popped” one of these open for me and I was hooked. Feeding my sparkling water addiction one bottle at a time!

restaurant:sapp coffee shop

HOLY $h*T, need to go back stat. As I mentioned above, their #18 was my favorite savory bite this month, but their #23 Drunken Noodles (flat noodles with ground beef, chili and garlic) came in close second. Yes, I ordered two noodle dishes all to myself. Sue me. The leftovers were- dare I say it- even better. Next up I’ll go for the Jade and Boat noodles, which are famed and Anthony Bourdain approved.

entertainment: the infinity mirrored room at the Broad, lA

fullsizerender-2 img_1118

This wasn’t my first time in the Infinity Mirrored Room, but it was my first solo trip. Last time I was in artist Yayoi Kusama’s piece was here. And I have to say, second time around was just as infatuating and breath-taking. My tip: get to The Broad at a decently early hour to enter your name in the queue, see the upstairs exhibit and at the end of your trip, ask kindly to enter the line early. No winking necessary 😉

Hope your October is already off to a great start…please send fall weather to LA!

wine wednesday: pronunciation

PICK OF THE WEEK: 2014 “Acra Nova Vihno Verde” @ $10. Available in store at Silver Lake Wine or online via various outlets

Perfect for:

  • hot weather
  • grilled fish/seafood
  • people who like dry, light whites
  • those who like white wine spritzers
  • folks who are willing to give sparkling another go (I know, you might have had a night of celebrating that swore you off bubbly, this is only “slightly bubbly”)
  • porches, beaches, lounging by the pool (give me a big floppy hat and a straw please!!)

And because my green marker was a little light, here are the wines listed phonetically too!

Viognier: vee oh nyay

Vinho Verde: VEEN yo VAIRD

Verdicchio: ver DEE key oh

Spatlese: SHPATE lay seh

Semillon: seh me yohn

Pinot Bianco: pee noh bee AHNK coh

Pinot Blanc: pee noh blahnk

Pinot Grigio: pee noh GREE joe

Pinot Gris: pee noh gree

Pinot Noir: pee noh nwahr

Muscadet: moos cah det

Moet: moh ett

Gruner Veltliner: GREW ner VELT lee ner

Gewurtztraminer: geh VAIRTZ trah mee ner

Dolcetto: dohl CHET oh

Chenin Blanc: shen in blahnk

Chablis: shah blee

If I missed something you want to know how to pronounce, comment and I’ll tell you in the next video.



the buzz: saltedeats

THE SLEEVE: Dinosaur Coffee 

Dinosaur Coffee is a relative newcomer to LA’s coffee scene, but it’s location, minimal decor and plentiful parking make this shop a great choice.  They also have kitschy mugs from FourBarrel roasters that help any work go by a bit easier. And who doesn’t love their little dino?! My GO-TO: dark roast in a mug, almond milk on the side.

THE BUZZ: SaltedEats

Confession: I am scared to cook chicken. And by scared I mean I haven’t done it much soooo I don’t really know how (and therefore think I can’t do it). So logical. But give me flour, eggs, sugar and I can bake all day.  Raw meat, not my forte.

Flashback to last week when I got an email from SaltedEats– LA’s newest meal delivery service- saying I had the option of cooking either tacos from Petty Cash or lemon chicken from Eveleigh. Wanting to get over my fear, I chose the “Simple Lemon Chicken with Greek Yogurt and Eggplant”- the “simple” sold me. Like other similar companies, they send all the ingredients pre-portioned, and you just need to supply the basics. Unlike other companies:

  • they have a video to accompany each dish AND it’s done by the restaurants chef
  • dishes are directly off the menu from LA’s best restos
  • you don’t have to set up a subscription
  • each meal is usually for ONE person (although there was a enough chicken for leftovers which was prime!)
  • ingredients are good for up to 5 days aka no pressure to cook that night
  • local LA ingredients
  • only available in LA (for now)


FullSizeRender 2

It was so simple…I will make that dish again solely to impress myself. Cheaper than a meal out, but with that “going-out” feeling. Two thumbs UP!FullSizeRender 3

If you’re in LA and want to order, use code “FIRST5” to get $5 off!

P.S. Check out their sister site SaltedTV– an online video cooking school that teaches the basics and more from top chefs across the country. You might just see a familiar face on the homepage 😉 salted homepage