life lately, laundry list style

Happy Friday! I’m up early and heading to model (this is becoming a trend) for a fun Studio DIY project- if you don’t follow her look her Instagram, she always brightens my day.

Any who, ever since returning from Scotland (I got back exactly a month ago (sayyyy what??!), I’ve been on the go- read, there’s always something going on/ never a dull moment/ pencil me in for that event! You get the picture. So, here’s what I’ve been up to lately, laundry list style:

life Lately:

  • Back in acting class
  • “Modeling” for ModJewel (use code MYFIRSTMOD for 10% off!!)
  • Auditions–yay!!!
  • Create and Cultivate POP UP in Beverly Hills for a dose of inspriation and boss ass ladies.
  • The Taste of LA with @missfoodieproblems AKA eating and drinking all the food on the backlot of Paramount.
  • I’m in a play! It’s about one-night-stands, and actually closes tonight, but I’ve had a blast being back on stage.
  • There was a baking night, and I made a silly Instagram story to go along with it. Raw cookie dough was consumed.
  • No notifications- well almost. While I was in Scotland I turned off ALL the notifications on my phone, and since returning I’ve only turned on texts and phone calls. It’s so refreshing and I feel like I’m checking my phone a lot less.
  • Hi Fall!! Yesterday marked the first official day of Autumn, and, yes, this is a weirdly placed point, but in my stream of consciousness. I want LA to get about 15 degrees colder- can you do that Mother Nature??
  • Taking a few minutes to daily (errrr almost every day) to “meditate”, aka lighting these candles and journaling. The power of positive thinking works wonders.
  • COLLEGE FRIENDS VISIT!! (post to come about “things to do in LA with out-of-towners”) And we went all around town naturally, and ate VERY well.
  • Taking solo hikes sans music. It’s great for the soul.
  • Watch Sophie’s dog, realize I cannot/am not ready for my own dog. It’s like having a child. NOT READY.
  • Attending birthdays, late night karaoke and an Emmy’s party…. and the very unwelcome hangovers associated. Usually cured by a donut.
  • AND then in between life happening, I’m mad at myself because I didn’t make a wine video this Wednesday. Trying to let that one go, as there are only so many hours in the day.
  • I recently bought this GIANT DESK CALENDAR in attempts to plan my life/blog content out in a more organized fashion. I’m becoming my mother, and totally ok with that. She’s the best.
  • Planning on a couple trips these next few month and eyeing Northern California, New York (again I know!) and Austin for the BBQ and Tex-Mex.

Enjoy your weekend!

P.S. If you’re in the Midwest slash on the East Coast eat an apple cider donut for me. Thanks (they realllly need to get on that trend in LA!)

bites of life: may edition

Some of my favorite blog series are always “Buys of the Month” or “Monthly Favorites”, so I figured I’d do my twist on the series. Each month I’ll do a recap of my favorite “Bites of Life” for a peek at what made my month especially delicious.IMG_6710

sweet: Milk Bar Store’s “Cereal Milk Soft Serve”. I don’t think a more perfect thing has ever been created. Christina Tosi (owner and founder) you are a goddess and can do no wrong. If this were available in LA, I’d be on a first name basis with the staff. It’s that damn good. PS: ask for crunch topping, but only on the outside, that way you get more CMSS in the cup.

savory: Jon and Vinny’s “Bucatini Cacio e Pepe” + “Burrata and Peaches Salad” a tie I know, but both were so damn tasty I couldn’t choose. One, if you haven’t tried bucatini noodles, cancel your plans tonight and order some…you can thank me later. Cacio e Pepe is a simple prep (literally just cracked pepper, lots of cheese, a touch of pasta water, love) and theirs won my heart. Their burrata and peach salad also haunted my dreams-in the best way. Peaches are just coming in season (f yeah) and J+V paired theirs with burrata, arugula for some peppery-ness and market tomatoes; simple goodness.

wine: 2012 Matteo Correggia Roero Nebbiolo“. I love Nebbiolos, always a good call. This one, from Piedmont, IT, I shared with friends at La Perla in NYC. We loved the earthy overtones, hints of red fruit and light tannic structure. Best described as Pinot Noir’s sexier older sister; more experienced and worldly.  We finished the bottle and could have polished off a second.

IMG_7383coffee: Flowerboy Project’s “Lavender Boy Latte”. A store after my own heart: part flower shop, part coffee shop, part curated boutique. And everything is yummy. Nicest staff too. Worth a visit when you’re on the west side!!



culture: Create + Cultivate: DTLA“. I could write an entire post about this day. I made an annoying long Snapchat story (follw me: @nat_pelletier) and met some #bossladies and badass bitches. Their next conference is October 15th in ATL-100% go if you’re thinking about it. I owe my blog in part to the conference! It got my ass in gear to get it launched, imperfections and all. Special thanks to Grasie Mercedes of ‘Style Me Grasie’.

quote:do the things and make the stuff that make you say ‘fuck yeah’” life motto right now

What were some of your May highlights?! Curious minds want to know! Comment below.