whiskey wednesday: irish coffee

It’s almost the DAY!!! And there’s truly no better way to kick off your weekend/Friday/St. Patrick’s Day than with an Irish Coffee.

So maybe lose the booze before work…save it for 5PM and you need a pick me up…but if you’re lucky and have the day to celebrate here’s how you should make yours:


4-5oz brewed hot coffee

1-2oz Irish Whiskey

dash of sugar

splash Bailey’s (optional)

1oz whipping cream

splash of maple syrup (more if you wanted sweeter whipped cream)

Place 2 metal bartending tins in your freezer (this can be omitted if not adding whipped cream). Brew your coffee any which way you please. Add coffee to a mug and sprinkle a dash of sugar. Pour 1-2 oz of your Irish Whiskey and stir. If you’re adding Bailey’s, do so now. In the meantime, take 2 bartender tins and pour your whipping cream and maple syrup in, toss in a protein mixer, close tins and shake shake shake. Top fresh whip cream onto coffee. ENJOY! (do a jig!)

PS if you want to add DONUTS to the equation, use this recipe!

PPS definitely add the donuts

PPS that is all!

life lately, laundry list style

Happy Friday! I’m up early and heading to model (this is becoming a trend) for a fun Studio DIY project- if you don’t follow her look her Instagram, she always brightens my day.

Any who, ever since returning from Scotland (I got back exactly a month ago (sayyyy what??!), I’ve been on the go- read, there’s always something going on/ never a dull moment/ pencil me in for that event! You get the picture. So, here’s what I’ve been up to lately, laundry list style:

life Lately:

  • Back in acting class
  • “Modeling” for ModJewel (use code MYFIRSTMOD for 10% off!!)
  • Auditions–yay!!!
  • Create and Cultivate POP UP in Beverly Hills for a dose of inspriation and boss ass ladies.
  • The Taste of LA with @missfoodieproblems AKA eating and drinking all the food on the backlot of Paramount.
  • I’m in a play! It’s about one-night-stands, and actually closes tonight, but I’ve had a blast being back on stage.
  • There was a baking night, and I made a silly Instagram story to go along with it. Raw cookie dough was consumed.
  • No notifications- well almost. While I was in Scotland I turned off ALL the notifications on my phone, and since returning I’ve only turned on texts and phone calls. It’s so refreshing and I feel like I’m checking my phone a lot less.
  • Hi Fall!! Yesterday marked the first official day of Autumn, and, yes, this is a weirdly placed point, but in my stream of consciousness. I want LA to get about 15 degrees colder- can you do that Mother Nature??
  • Taking a few minutes to daily (errrr almost every day) to “meditate”, aka lighting these candles and journaling. The power of positive thinking works wonders.
  • COLLEGE FRIENDS VISIT!! (post to come about “things to do in LA with out-of-towners”) And we went all around town naturally, and ate VERY well.
  • Taking solo hikes sans music. It’s great for the soul.
  • Watch Sophie’s dog, realize I cannot/am not ready for my own dog. It’s like having a child. NOT READY.
  • Attending birthdays, late night karaoke and an Emmy’s party…. and the very unwelcome hangovers associated. Usually cured by a donut.
  • AND then in between life happening, I’m mad at myself because I didn’t make a wine video this Wednesday. Trying to let that one go, as there are only so many hours in the day.
  • I recently bought this GIANT DESK CALENDAR in attempts to plan my life/blog content out in a more organized fashion. I’m becoming my mother, and totally ok with that. She’s the best.
  • Planning on a couple trips these next few month and eyeing Northern California, New York (again I know!) and Austin for the BBQ and Tex-Mex.

Enjoy your weekend!

P.S. If you’re in the Midwest slash on the East Coast eat an apple cider donut for me. Thanks (they realllly need to get on that trend in LA!)

the buzz: saltedeats

THE SLEEVE: Dinosaur Coffee 

Dinosaur Coffee is a relative newcomer to LA’s coffee scene, but it’s location, minimal decor and plentiful parking make this shop a great choice.  They also have kitschy mugs from FourBarrel roasters that help any work go by a bit easier. And who doesn’t love their little dino?! My GO-TO: dark roast in a mug, almond milk on the side.

THE BUZZ: SaltedEats

Confession: I am scared to cook chicken. And by scared I mean I haven’t done it much soooo I don’t really know how (and therefore think I can’t do it). So logical. But give me flour, eggs, sugar and I can bake all day.  Raw meat, not my forte.

Flashback to last week when I got an email from SaltedEats– LA’s newest meal delivery service- saying I had the option of cooking either tacos from Petty Cash or lemon chicken from Eveleigh. Wanting to get over my fear, I chose the “Simple Lemon Chicken with Greek Yogurt and Eggplant”- the “simple” sold me. Like other similar companies, they send all the ingredients pre-portioned, and you just need to supply the basics. Unlike other companies:

  • they have a video to accompany each dish AND it’s done by the restaurants chef
  • dishes are directly off the menu from LA’s best restos
  • you don’t have to set up a subscription
  • each meal is usually for ONE person (although there was a enough chicken for leftovers which was prime!)
  • ingredients are good for up to 5 days aka no pressure to cook that night
  • local LA ingredients
  • only available in LA (for now)


FullSizeRender 2

It was so simple…I will make that dish again solely to impress myself. Cheaper than a meal out, but with that “going-out” feeling. Two thumbs UP!FullSizeRender 3

If you’re in LA and want to order, use code “FIRST5” to get $5 off!

P.S. Check out their sister site SaltedTV– an online video cooking school that teaches the basics and more from top chefs across the country. You might just see a familiar face on the homepage 😉 salted homepage