food for thought: self promotion

Here’s the thing, self promotion is a necessity. And this expands past creatives too, no matter what you are pursing in life, you’re not going to further yourself without a good dose of humble bragging. Humble being the key because no one likes a douche-y “I DGAF about you, but my life is LIIIIIT” brag. Just don’t.

Now I classify myself as an extrovert- I love meeting new people, socializing, etc. so talking about myself usually comes easily. Usually. There are days when I’d rather not and listening to others is my cup of tea. So for the sake of honest conversation, I have my days.

I also have friends who fall on the introverted side. Self promotion can feel like a task and a half. It feel so opposite of their being and yucky. Which I see too, talking about yourself in front of new people, people who you might admire can feel intimidating- like, “I haven’t done anything of note, so why bother sharing”.

But again mindset here. And I have a trick that I use to grow and cultivate that confidence.


I am such a huge proponent!!! At first I poo-poo’d them (classic extrovert, I’m already confident, I don’t need them). So false. And they couldn’t be easier to make and utilize. Essentially, you’re writing positive mindset phrases that you repeat to yourself daily. Think- an AM pep talk to yourself. The repetition and practice will help lessen the shitty “I’m not good enough/ things won’t work out/ I don’t have support” thoughts. So grab yourself a stack of index cards and make a set for your bed side table. Some of my favorites are:


You can make them more specific to your field, but they are really about opening your mind and filling your head with the good thoughts. My theory is that the better you feel mentally, the easier it is to open up and share your wins.

And speaking of BIG WIN, my film GEO DISASTER is now available to watch/rent/buy on Amazon (link below) and OnDemand! I couldn’t be more proud of how it turned out. We filmed it in 10 days and with a budget of around $175,000, which in Hollywood is next to nothing. Props to everyone involved. Can’t wait for you to see if I survive!

one final thought:


Hold that true. My friends and family have reminded me of this lately. You are the CEO of your own life, so build yourself up baby-no one else will more than yourself.



wine wednesday: cause for celebration

Confession: I haven’t been following my own advice. Me, the champion of celebrating and eating up what life has to offer, wasn’t excited about my own movie premiere. I was downplaying the hell out of it to the point that I was confusing my excitement for nerves (which is a thing btw- they both give off the same physiological symptoms: faster heart rate, higher levels of cortisol, sweating, etc.)

So here I was days before the big night aka tonight poo-pooing my success: “Oh, it’s gonna be bad” “My acting’s going to suck” “It wasn’t a big budget thing soo…it’s gonna be campy” “It’s nothing to be proud of”


Thank God I had a moment where I realized what I was doing was dumb, and was able to shift my mindset. This is a big deal. So what if the film isn’t going to any festivals in the future? It was my first experience being a lead in a feature and I should damn well celebrate my work. Period. End of discussion. Because if I can’t take the time to celebrate my own work, why am I even chasing the dream?

Well, I’m off to get done up, drink some bubbly and celebrate with my onscreen fam (pictured below)!

And in case you want your wine lesson for the day…


I talked about the champagne process here complete with a little 60 second video to get you up to speed. We can say merci to the French for creating this spirited beverage!

wine wednesday: 4 game changing wine books

game changing wine books

Knowledge is power. And becoming versed in wine didn’t happen just because I worked in restaurants. It happened because I was hungry for more and wanted to become educated from the best in the biz. Even if you’re not wanting a career in wine, these books are suuuper helpful for learning the basics and beyond. They’re full of easy to follow verbage, pictures, illustrations and even drunk tales.

And fear not “Wine Wednesday” fans, I will keep my own content coming, filming more wine videos coming to the blog soon!

So to hold you over, enjoy these reads with a glass or two of wine (duh) links for the books at the end of the post!

WINE. all the time. by Marissa A. Ross

This chick. Guys she’s one of my favorites to follow on the ‘gram because she keeps it more real than a 1st edition Harry Potter book. She’s hilarious, knows her shit and is the Wine Editor for Bon freakin’ Appetite! Also she’s not a sommelier proving that you don’t need to pass some old school fancy test to kick-ass. Her book is truly a “casual guide to confident drinking” and will have you laughing. I promise it’s her writing and not the wine.

The Wine Bible. by Karen MacNeil

A true bible. MacNeil’s book is the holy grail of wine information. It’s my go to source when I need to look up unfamiliar regions or varietals. I haven’t cracked through the entire volume yet, but the book is laid out in such an easy to follow format that it’s only a matter of time before I spend a day highlighting my way through. And then booking tickets to said wine regions.

Wine Folly: The Essential Guide to Wine. by Madeline Puckette and Justin Hammack

My first wine book! I was thrilled to open my package from Amazon and dive right in. Filled with amazing charts and illustrations that give the essentials on all the well known grape varietals. It touches on the wine making process, the basics of reading wine labels and how to serve each type of wine.

Rosé All Day. by Katherine Cole

I meannnnn. Of course rosé deserves its own book. And Katherine’s written one that not only looks good on your bar cart/ book shelf/ coffee table but that highlights everything rosé. And why drinking pink is the greatest! Also why deeper pink rosés shouldn’t scare you. Plus pictures of her favorite bottles and labels to help you shop!

Well there you have it folks. May I also mention that these books were written by W O M E N!!!! Hell yeah ladies (ok hi too Justin, you’re doing great things too!). But going into this I didn’t even realize my favorites were all from females. So pick up their books and promote these women in wine. Crushing real hard on them all.



food for thought: fuck getting your ducks in a row

f getting your ducks in a row

You know that expression “I need to get my ducks in a row”? Well as of late, I’ve decided to say FUCK the DUCKS. A bit harsh I know, but the phrase is getting thrown out of my vernacular. CIAO!


Because the more I try to “get my ducks in a row” then do this or that, I’m essentially procrastinating. Trial by error and living more fluidly has helped me create this blog, score roles, make friends, take trips, date, trying new things because I decided to:


I used to be the queen of “oh I’ll be ready to date” or “I can handle this audition” or “I can break up with him” or “I’ll quit my job” when I have my life more in order (the examples go on and on). But when are you really ready? When you’ve worked 2 more weeks at the job you don’t like to really clarify quitting is the best idea? When you’ve taken 2 more weeks to psych yourself up before you’re ready to tell the guy/girl you’ve been friends with for years that your feelings are more than just friendly? To steal a little slogan from Nike:


Taking action trumps trying to make things happen in a certain way. Odds are if you wait they still won’t end up how you’ve planned. So fuck the ducks, the fear, the little voice in your head who needs a liiiitle more time to feel safe. No one grew to their success by taking action only when they felt safe.

There’s a reason growth comes when you push yourself outside of your comfort zone; 9 times out of 10 it’s not as bad as what you’ve made it up to be in your head. True, sometimes it’s worse. I was fired from one of my first acting jobs on set and had to drive back from Big Bear while I cried and listened to The Script. But the world kept spinning, and I kept acting and took action to stay in the game. I’ve booked bigger and better projects because I just dove right in and didn’t let the fear of getting fired get the best of me.

Truth be told I’m scared to publish this, but I’m going to do it. Because I believe it’s important to share and help each other’s human experience in a positive way.

So, I dare you to do something this week before you get your ducks in a row.


Hit publish. Make that call. Send the email. Say bye-bye. And say hello to a new freedom that you didn’t have to work as hard to create.

(And if you need a little boost before you do xyz, feel free to comment and ask me!)

Have a great weekend.

xo NP

wine wednesday: summer’s not over celebration!


Also known as the ‘MAINE’ event.

Seriously, I can’t believe summer is already starting to wind down. I did a ‘last hurrah of summer’ trip over the weekend to Austin with some friends from college and the September issues were lining all the airport shelves casually hinting that fall is creeping closer. BUT SUMMER’S NOT OVER!!! A few weeks back I did a lobster dinner with friends in LA and this is such a fun way to celebrate.

So I say, keep the rosé and pét nat  f l o w i n g  like it’s 95 degrees. I’ll stay extra freckle-y and avoid turning the color of our beloved lobsters.


Bi Fri “Pét Nat”: crisp, clean, mineral with white peach notes. A BEAUTIFUL easy sipper from Italy. Better than those San Pellegrino sodas because this isn’t as sweet…and it’s alcoholic. ‘Nuf said.

ANY DRY ROSÉ: keep that summer water flowing as long as possible.

How are you celebrating? BBQ and wine pairing tips on earlier posts!