wine wednesday: valentine’s style






SUE + DALE (my parents)










It’s that time of year…when all of the CVS, Walgreens and corner stores are filled with red tinsel, metallic pink ribbons and huge bags of heart shaped candy (I like the crispy Palmer hearts FYI). But don’t fret those who are single or romantically engaged…

Yes there’s chocolates, love and lingerie but WINE- that’s the real gift that keeps on giving…handwritten cards too! Don’t forget those. Everyone’s (ok me!) a sucker for a good note.

Anywhoooo…whether you’re “celebrating” with a new lover, old flame, girlfriends, the guys or random strangers, WINE is the answer my loves. It’s a libation as old as time and has tested mannnny waters.

So grab a couple bottles and get happy! No need for tears this Tuesday (unless they’re caused from trying said delicious wine)

a classy sparkling rosé

Simply a must! My favorite right now is Contratto for England Rosé Pas Dosé.  It has delicate bubbles, a hint of sweetness you want from a rosé but finishes really clean and light.

 a giant bottle of bubbly

Not only does this bottle share my surname, but the PRICE!!! You guys it’s under $30 for a 1.5LTR of bubbly. A MAGNUM. Needless to say, I bought the bottle with no specific occasion to celebrate, but it’s vvvvvv appropriate for Valentines: everyone gets some if you’re with a group AND a power move for a power couple.

Any wine by Scribe

These guys know what they’re doing!!! I mean heck if you’re in Sonoma, take your date there and you can thank me later. Order a bottle of their Pinot Noir and you’ll be a god among your friends/lover.

la spinetta rosé

If sparkling rosé isn’t your thing- or even if you don’t think you’re a rosé drinker, I dare you to try this one. C’mon, don’t be shy! This Italian rosé drinks like a zesty mineral-y white with a kiss of strawberry. Think if a sexy one-piece clad Italian woman stepped out of the ocean and gave you a kiss…that’s this wine!

image c/o Faubourg Wines

2014 frog’s leap zinfandel

Zin’s get a bad rep these days, but this wine was one of the best surprises I tasted last year. It really wow’d me and undoubtedly will do the same for you. It’s elegant while still able to please those who like big Cabs- there’s a slight tartness from raspberry but it’s balanced out by the floral nose and notes of pepper on the palate.

frog’s leap winery in the fall…also a stellar date spot in Napa

enjoy your wine!!! be a true lover, and let me know your other Valentine’s Day go-tos. xoxo NP

*inappropriate scenarios:

-your little cousin’s first piano recital (drink AFTER because then you won’t laugh while she plays chopsticks)

-before a final interview (don’t be tempted before…it’ll taste so much better once you’re finished!)

-mile 1 of a marathon (no, just no)

wine wednesday: bubble bath wine

There are few things more relaxing than sitting in a hot bath filled to brim with bubbles. The only thing to take it up a notch?


Any kind of wine will do here- bubbly, rosé, red. It’s a players choice in this game. Although I have  a few ideas to make it extra relaxing.

Bubble bath suggestions:

  1. If you can’t find “fancy” bubble bath, kids stuff works just as well or even better. And it’s cheaper. WIN-WIN
  2. TWIST OFF BOTTLES, extra points if you fill an ice bucket for your bottle of rosé or white
  3. Say yes to CANS and MINI WINE BOTTLES…no glass necessary aka the Sofia cans of bubbly and La Marca mini prosecco bottles are the best
  4. Plastic wine glasses are also your friend


why i marched

photo c/o Sophie Kuller

Because I couldn’t sit at home

For my future daughter and son

Because my female body shouldn’t be as regulated as GUNS

*nasty women unite*

Because there’s a massive wage gap that still exists, especially seen in Hollywood

Because I stand with Planned Parenthood

Because every woman has the right to choose what’s best for her life

*love is love*

Because it’s not ok to be slut shamed

To know that we’re not fighting this alone

Because coming together is the first step in a longer narrative

*girls just wanna have fun-damental rights*

To build bridges, not walls

Because things still aren’t EQUAL across the board

Because there’s strength in numbers

*pussy power*

To feel empowered

To defend and advance human rights world wide

To show there is a peaceful way to fight

*free the nipple*

To open our hearts and raise our fists

To help the broken hearts make art

Because the US sets world wide examples

*and while we’re at it, fuck that dog movie too*

Because this is a marathon, not a sprint–here’s some next moves

Because labels shouldn’t hold us back

For what Meryl said

*my body, my choice*

Because there’s a double standard

For the women and men who’ve already dedicated their lives to equality, and to inspire future ladies and gentlemen to do so

For my dear friends, mother, grandmothers, gay friends, straight friends, new friends, old friends, teachers, male friends and all the people I love- this was about equality and defending our human rights.


road tripping into the new year

How is January more than half way over???

As the brilliant Steve Miller Band put it, “time keeps on slippin’ slippin’ slippin’ slippin’ into the future” (also what’s up Space Jam!! I need to revisit that movie soon)

I digress…

This year has been off to a wonderful start filled with lots of NEW: friends, places traveled, surprises, food consumed, agents, age. I absolutely loved ringing in the year in a new location. We drove from Santa Fe to our adorable A-Frame in Flagstaff, AZ. Albeit we were a weeee bit hungover, (thanks to too many tequila shots at high elevation) there was something very grounding and humbling about gazing out at the Wild West, appreciating every moment because, damn! So. Much. Natural. Beauty. Andddd we saw a DOUBLE rainbow on January 1st. If that’s not a beacon of good luck I don’t know what is!

On to the fun stuff, pictures! Mostly taken by Sophie who I met through the craziest of circumstances last year. You can read HERE if you don’t know the story. Without getting too “woo-woo” one of the major lessons I learned in 2016 is to always share your love/true thoughts with another–you never know what lovely gift(s) you’ll receive in return.

one must always take a silly photo amongst the serious…they usually turn out better


  1. Jamming playlist
  2. H20 (LaCroix encouraged)
  3. Polaroid camera
  4. Room for random stops (isn’t that what these are all about?!)
  5. Comfy clothes
  6. IN-N-OUT (fact 2/3 road trips we ALL wanted burgers but were never hungry enough to stop, leaving me on trip 3/3 solo eating an animal style double double and loving every minute)

ROAD TRIP #1: Santa Fe to Los Angeles

new mexico

STOPS: Tent Rocks, Aspen Vistas, 10,000 Waves, La Choza, El Farol

Dustin, Christine, Me and Sophie weaving through Tent Rocks
capturing C and S
making faces is always encouraged
views are worth the climb!
New Year’s Eve hike in the Aspens


STOPS: Flagtaff (A-Frame House), White Dove, Coffee Grand Canyon

pulled over New Year’s Day to capture this moment
little Cabin in the woods-perfect for cards games, wine and grilled cheese
pit stop at white dove coffee (great breakfast burritos) before heading to the Grand Canyon
and MAN was it GRAND. none of us had seen the GC before, so it was pretty magical to have the “ahhhhh” moment together
a snow covered gorgeous view of the South Rim
Echo (Sophie and Dustin’s pup) was a KEY player along the trip, although clearly unamused by the photo session
Soph doing what she does best, check out her insta @sophkuller
these ladies, both new friends and not wanting to let go


STOPS: LAS VEGAS…what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas…but be sure to check out the Chandelier Room at the Cosmopolitan Hotel (there’s also a newly opened EggSlut and Momofuku Milk Bar so I was in HEAVEN!)

Tune in Monday for road trips 2 and 3!


wine wednesday: birthday bubbles

Happy 2017!!! It has been off to a busy start, filled with road trips, a surprise visit from my best friend in New York and of course drinking wine to celebrate.

And since today happens to be my birthday, I figured why not make a fun birthday cocktail!

what you’ll need:

1 bottle of bubbles (mini Moët encouraged)


chocolate chips (semi-sweet or bust!)

2 bowls

1 coup or champagne flute

To make your birthday bubbles, simply add chocolate chips to one bowl and melt your chocolate- I used the microwave heating it in 30 second increments at 50% power until it was melted #burntchocolateistheworst Then, in a separate bowl, pour desired sprinkles. Next, dip coup or flute in chocolate followed by sprinkles. Pop your bubbly and add to festive glass.

Enjoy! And repeat on every birthday (and days you want it to feel like your birthday!)