about me

food lover |creator |wine enthusiast| harmonizer| explorer of fried chicken| actress| a mix of Irish and French| dreamer| doer| amateur food photographer| matchbook collector| make that hat collector too| probably wearing kicks| definitely sprinkled with freckles|


Hello, hello!

My name is Natalie Pelletier, and I’m an actress/lots of other things living in Los Angeles.

I started this blog nearly a year ago with the aim to share bites of my life. Having become the friend in my circle who is the unofficial food/wine/activity connoisseur, I am a (semi-self proclaimed) vetted source when it comes to knowing the best xyz in town. Always venturing to a new place, revisiting places I love, and aiming to share the good/bad/ugly/awesome moments of my life in between.

Cheers, Natalie