about me

Hi! My name is Natalie Pelletier, and I’m an actress currently living in Los Angeles. I am always playing the role of “the friend who you ask where to go eat” so I figured might as well share my findings with everyone!

“stay hungry, stay curious, and always save room for dessert.”IMG_6549


“Are you Irish?”: Believe it or not, I get asked this A LOT. It’s like, duh, I have freckles…but I get it there are other who get freckles besides the Irish- we just get the best kind. My other major heritage is French!

“How do you pronounce your last name?”: The correct French pronunciation is “pell-uh-tea-ay” but here in good ol’ America my family goes by “pell-uh-tear”- though I never correct the French way because it has that certain je ne sais quoi.

“Where are you from?”: Originally the Chicago area (go Cubs) but spent some time in KC, and went to college in Chapel Hill, NC (go Heels)IMG_6940…getting progressively warmer was the plan.

“How’d you get into food?”: I grew up around a food because my grandpa owned a restaurant in Chicago called “Mellow Yellow”, I was never a picky eater, and love trying new things (slightly redundant?!). Plus I’ve always felt food brings people together and that’s what I love- connecting with people and learning about them.

“How are you so skinny?”: (this is more or less the question) but lots of people ask me and my best friends how I can eat so much and not seem to gain weight. One, HIIT training and Pop PhysiqIMG_6649ue (an LA barre studio)- I don’t particularly like working out but I do it so I can justify eating a donut or fried chicken later that day (literally before workouts and during I am thinking about my next meal). Two, while I’d love to say I’m always a part of the “clean plate club” I’m more of a try-a-bit-of-everything girl. Three, I’m not a big snacker and when I grocery shop, I don’t buy much junk food.